Filip Hauptfleisch

Game developer

Prague, Czech republic


About me

My quest towards game development wasn't just a linear story. I put my first few skill points into mathematics during my bachelors studies, but then I decided to focus on the quest of game development. During my master studies I took several side quests - I gained some xp and I have participated in a few projects with clanmates. If you are looking for a hero to save the world, I may not be the right choice, but if you are looking for somebody to help with creating new worlds, let me know.

My interests lie in the following fields:

  • Game development
    • Gameplay programming
    • Graphics programming
  • Computer graphics
    • NPR graphics
    • Style transfer
  • Game design
    • Meaningful games
    • What makes games fun


Here are some of the more promiment projects I have worked on


  • Android game
  • Team project (two programmers, two artists)
  • Endless vertical platformer
  • My role: Game designer, programmer
  • Interesting challenges I had to overcome:
    • Endless generation of the environment
    • Implementation of the main character movement
  • Webpage

Social Challenge

Social Challenge
  • PC game
  • Solo project about a girl with social anxiety
  • Won Warhorse developer challenge 2018
  • My responsibilities:
    • Working under very limiting time constraints
    • Designing the game so that the main topic of social anxiety doesn't get lost
    • Implemented a dialogue system with a node editor in unity for easy writing of dialogues
  • Webpage


  • Android game
  • University team project
  • An RPG game set on real world map
  • My role: Game designer, programmer
  • My responsibilities:
    • Mapbox integration
    • Usage of multiple phone sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope...)
    • Generation of objects on the map and interaction with them
    • Implementation of two skill minigames


  • Master thesis/research project
  • Style transfer of architectural sketches
  • Transfer of style from one view to multiple other views of the same scene
  • My responsibilities:
    • Research
    • Implementation of non-trivial algorithms, with emphasis on speed
    • Implementation of unconventional shaders in Unity3D


For more details on my work experience and my education, see my resume, which can be downloaded here.


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